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Daily life with icot tumblers

Sports Equipment Built For Life

Welcome to icot™ Tumblers by Imbue Accessories! Your home for Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Travel Mugs to add to your must-have sports equipment. Tough and durable. Designed with you in mind. Sliding lid for easy access to your drink. No handle so we fit comfortably in your cup holder. Take us with you everyday on your commute. Or while playing beach volleyball, climbing or kiteboarding. Built for your active lifestyle! 

Our 20oz Vacuum Seal, Insulated, Stainless Steel, Travel Mug Tumbler is guaranteed to keep your water icy and your coffee hot.

With a Vacuum Seal Sliding Lid for a secure, snug fit we will keep the temperature of your stainless steel water bottle secure. 

In addition we have now added a Curve to our 22cm Stainless Steel Straw, in response to your feedback. Thank you! 

Our stainless steel water bottles are the perfect addition to your life, gym, and sports equipment.